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It offers a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading mechanism that allows users to buy and sell directly with one another. With a focus on security and compliance, the WazirX clone is an excellent choice for entering the growing Asian crypto market. A white-label bitcoin exchange software enables the deployment of a dedicated platform that allows users to trade bitcoins with advanced matching and trading algorithms. Like the bitcoin trading platform, the development of an exclusive platform to trade other cryptocurrencies is easy with white label crypto software solutions. Maticz offers multiple white label crypto exchange development services with all the core functionalities to provide seamless and secure crypto trading. HashCash Consultants is a company based in California, offering a range of white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions.

white label crypto exchange

Through Blockchain initiatives and its investment division, Satoshi Angels, it promotes technological advancement. With over 60 million users in more than 30 countries and regions, ChainUp provides blockchain technology and financial services to more than 1,000 clients in both cryptocurrency and traditional financial industries. OKX, known for its comprehensive trading solutions, has a white label clone that offers extensive features for crypto trading and management.

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Using AlphaPoint’s Asset Digitization Software, First Bullion completed an STO within 3 months, the first asset-backed token offering approved by CEZA. CME Group and The Royal Mint embarked on a collaboration leveraging AlphaPoint’s software to transform the way that market participants can trade gold. The El Salvadoran government partnered with AlphaPoint to support the frontend and backend infrastructure that powers Chivo bitcoin wallet.

white label crypto exchange

White Label DEX is non-custodial, meaning that end-users retain control of their private keys, which is a growing demand of the blockchain-cryptocurrency community. The solution is also cost-effective, not involving any additional customization costs initially. Furthermore, the platform has two distinct UIs for amateurs and professionals, alongside the scope for localization in 10 languages. Elevated Returns prides itself on our reputation as a pioneer in the digital securities space. To that effect, we have a policy to partner with the best in class companies across industry verticals; AlphaPoint’s technology solutions for unlocking digital asset liquidity are unparalleled. There are also a fair number of crypto-crypto exchanges, but these are less popular nowadays due to the shrinking token markets.

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With HollaEx, clients can launch their own crypto exchanges quickly and efficiently. These white label solutions offer customizable and scalable platforms that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of clients, without the need for extensive development time or resources. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 20 white label crypto exchange software providers in 2024, each renowned for their expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

white label crypto exchange

The setup simplicity and streamlined time-to-market provided by white-label options have made them a go-to choice in the crypto exchange sector. The most apparent benefit of a white label crypto exchange would be that it helps businesses bypass the rigors of building their own cryptocurrency exchange. A white label crypto exchange is a software solution that allows businesses to launch their own crypto exchange under their own branding and customization. The software is pre-built and can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of the business. White label cryptocurrency exchange software is scalable and enables easy or instant inclusion of new-age features or integrations into the cryptocurrency exchange. Developed by Openware, Open-Source Digital Assets Exchange or OpenDAX is a hybrid solution for full-fledged exchange platform development.

What is The Price for White-Label Crypto Exchanges?

We help build unique product configurations in design, fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto options, coin selection and provide other modifications for you to go live with a unique crypto-related offering. If it’s a completely unique product with no overlap whatsoever with existing exchange-related functionalities, then it’s best to begin from scratch. White-label solutions aren’t fit for requirements that involve high customization and complex use-cases such as lending, borrowing, and derivatives. However, in doing so, you must keep pace with the latest innovations and dynamic changes in technology. Banexcoin is a digital platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat money in Latin America, and LATAM’s most regulated crypto exchange. Servicing Canada, Bitvo is a state of the art cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies through its website and mobile applications.

  • Slash down the time for setting up your remunerative revenue stream by getting your cryptocurrency trading platform developed using our white label crypto currency exchange script.
  • White label crypto exchange platforms we build come with various elements loaded with interesting features that elevate the standard of crypto-trading experiences for novice and seasoned traders.
  • The decentralized exchanges eliminate the need for a central authority to allow peer-to-peer transactions and minimize the risks of hacks and fraudulent activities.

05 Build Trading EngineCustomize the built-in trading engine according to your project’s size and target markets to ensure optimal operations at all times. 01 Choose TypeChoose the type of crypto exchange (centralized/decentralized/hybrid) you want to build and opt for the relevant Whitelabel solution. Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges utilize an escrow mechanism to execute transactions How Much Does It Value To Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange between individual users that ensure funds are released to the receiver only when they send the necessary funds. While WL solutions have reached impressive heights of complexity and functionality, probably, the best is yet to come. No-coding solutions are becoming increasingly popular, with WL providers taking charge of crafting solutions that simplify digital business operations.

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In addition, the conversion of white label crypto exchange solutions into a product for any business concept is simple. An American fintech company called AlphaPoint develops crypto trading engines and storage and trading solutions for digital assets. The company specializes in exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money and other digital assets through White Label technology. Founded in 2013, the company offers a product that enables cryptocurrency exchanges to be launched in less than three weeks. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform is a ready-made script for the crypto trading business facilitating multiple coin listings. Further, it has a scope to list, buy and sell digital assets such as tokens, fiat money, security tokens, etc.

white label crypto exchange

Proper operation of the matching engine also eliminates the possibility of slippage and spread formation, which plays a decisive role in attempts to buy an asset at the best possible price. Coinext, now one of Brazil’s largest crypto exchanges, leveraged AlphaPoint’s white label software to expedite their market entrance in 2018. The user has to submit identity proofs and aligned security documents within the crypto trading platform, which are verified by the admin. We specialize in over-the-counter (OTC) exchange development, catering to clients who require direct, high-volume trading outside of traditional exchanges.

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A carefully designed back-office broker software dedicated to maintaining a healthy trading system. Order book tool contains a list of buy and sell orders for a specific cryptocurrency arranged according to the price level. A powerful admin dashboard provides valuable insights and helps traders manage their funds and accounts effectively. True to the principles of decentralization, OpenDAX libraries and toolkits are not governed by centralized entities, assuring a high degree of censorship resistance and privacy. Furthermore, a proactive developer and beta tester’s community ensures that white-label offerings are bug-free, resilient, and transparent.

white label crypto exchange

Today, the WL crypto exchange provider market offers a wide range of providers, each with unique business features and product vision to ensure the best possible user experience. Let’s look at the 10 most well-known companies that help you launch your crypto business from scratch. Starting your own crypto exchange platform is typically a long and complex process that requires technical expertise and significant financial investment. Our ready-made, cost-effective solution can be flexibly customized to meet the specific needs of your business, making it easier and more cost-effective to enter the crypto exchange market.

But the launch of such exchanges requires no serious investments of time and money in legal questions and amount of such exchanges is still growing. With its integrated wallet app and distinctive features, ESX Exchange is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency exchange for crypto-savvy people. 09 Customize FeaturesCustomize other user-end features apart from the ones already present to make your crypto exchange stand out in the competitive market. Centralized exchanges operate with controlling entities that govern and execute various operations on the platform.

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It not only serves as a white-label exchange but also connects your business to the blockchain world. 08 Create Payment GatewayModify the payment gateway to make the exchange capable of processing crypto and fiat transactions irrespective of user traffic levels. White-label products are pre-made platforms or other pieces of software that can be modified and customised to create a distinct brand that appears to be custom-made. As a result, you receive a fully operational platform without development costs but with a subscription fee.